In 1991, Nissan Europe N.V. (NENV) started the "Network 2000" project. This project consisted of giving an entirely new identity to all Nissan dealerships in Europe, both to the exterior as the interior of the dealership buildings. To achieve this goal, Nissan Europe N.V. contracted the British design group "Addison Ltd.". However, Addison's job was ended soon and NENV itself took over using only the concept which Addison produced.
My job (member of the "Dealer Development Team") at NENV started by fine tuning the exterior concept for its real application on a great number of buildings, large and small, throughout Europe.
This fine tuning resulted in an "Exterior Standards Manual", "The" manual for all European Nissan Distributors.
Besides the application of the "Network 2000" system, I produced all the graphics for the same manual.