My working tools are 3D Computer Aided Design software (Bentley Microstation (c)), image rendering software (Intergraph Modelview (c)), image software (Adobe Photoshop (c)) and graphics software (Adobe Illustrator (c)).
With Microstation (c) I produce 3D images: accurate up to 0,1mm. This versus so called "modeling software" which is not based on a "real volume" and only reflects what the eye sees on the screen. Then I have the drawings rendered with Modelview (c), materials added, transparancy, lighting points, view points etc.: all in "high resolution" format. It is even possible to pinpoint the exact position of the object onto the earth and daytime to obtain an image which approaches (= benaderen / kan je niet beter iets van bijna compleet maken gebruiken in verband met de volgende zin) the real situation.
To complete the image, I use Photoshop (c) to add the environment (see "Bar Moderne" and "Michel Didier" on the "Exterior Projects" pages too).